My Problem with Procrastination

I know what my problem is. It’s based around organising and prioritising. I know all the things I have to do. But I can’t stick to doing just one thing.

I’ll start writing a blog post, and I have the flow for it, but then I think about this other thing I have to do, so I’ll go and do that, or I’ll do a bit of tidying, I’ll start an instagram post, I’ll pick up a book and read a few pages, then I’ll go back to my blog post but I’ve lost my flow, so I’ll go and do some novel writing, but then I think of this idea I had the other day so I’ll jot that down, start planning that, but then I jump to something else. You get the picture. I can’t pick one thing that I have to do and do it until it’s over. I do half of one job, then just start another, and maybe I’ll get around to finishing one that I started 3 weeks ago.

And I’ve tried loads of different organisation methods.

I’ve tried a simple list.

I use Google Keep as a way of tracking my do- list.

I wrote each separate task on a post it, stuck it to a cork board, and removed them once it was done.

I’ve tried bullet journalling.

I’m actually in the process of revamping my bullet journal, but I don’t like using that as a to-do list. I was never very good at using my bujo for the day to day, weekly layouts kind of thing. I like to use it for more permanent things, like books to read, films and TV to watch, monthly overviews. I’m going to try and find a weekly layout that works for me, but it’s hard. I don’t like assigning tasks to week nights because some times when I come in from work I just vegetate. Sometimes I pop in the bath but end up at a really good bit in my book and suddenly 2 hours have passed and I’m a prune.

So I need a better method. I need a to do list which helps me priorities, and helps me focus on one task at a time. Does anyone have any ideas for this? Should I just split my to do list into separate ones, for most important, less important but still do them soon, etc? Is there a better app that I don’t know about? Just some tips of demonstrating restraint and dedication to one task? Any tips or advice would be hugely appreciated!!


Katie x


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