It’s all about the baby steps 

You might think this is nothing, just a cuddle on the settee with my pup. But this is a milestone. This is progress. A little over a year ago we adopted this gorgeous girl from a rescue charity. She was 8, had lived with one family her whole life, and had been abused. She’s terrified of men, tall people, people in hats, tall men in hats. She’s a worrier, and she’s got tons of issues around being fed. She’s also terrified if you move your legs near her, leading us to think she’s been kicked. Of course, when we met her at the farm where the rescue charity boarded their dogs, we knew none of this. But we fell in love and we brought her home, and she fell in love. With my Mam. And only my Mam. And this is common with collies, to be a ‘one man dog’ so to speak. It’s their instinct, off being bred to be on farms, to listen to the farmer and no one else. 

And of course, she’d just been kicked out of one house and was in survival mode to not be kicked out of this one. 

And it’s been a tough year. She still growls and goes for my brothers legs when he’s home. But she’s getting better, and I think we don’t realise it because we see her everyday. This is the first time she’s left my mams sight to come and cuddle with me instead. But she’s getting way more confident with other days – she used to run away from them when we first got her and now she wants to play (although her favourite are small, male dogs – she’s definitely got a type 😏) and she’s so much happier. 

Please don’t give up on a rescue dog because you think it’s going to be too much hard work. Don’t quit too soon cause you’re not feeling the connection straight away. You might not see improvements over night, but you have no idea what some of these dogs have gone through. They all deserve a loving home, and I’m not saying it’ll be easy. I’m saying it’ll be worth it. 

Katie x


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