A little taste of what’s to come…

Since I’ve been so bad at posting lately, I thought if I outlined some of my plans for what I want to write and post about in the next few weeks and hopefully that will hold me at least slightly accountable to post regularly but also get me excited and motivated to post again!

So, here’s what’s coming up:

  • A round up of my fave podcasts
  • I have sooo many books I’ve read that I want to talk about
  • I have an idea for a series of posts about periods and period products and period stories and how periods are treated in other cultures around the world, and basically all things periods to work towards breaking the taboo of talking about them.
  • I’m getting my room redecorated and in the process of moving everything out, I’m going to be chucking a lot of things out, so less will be going back in, so I’ll be talking about gutting my wardrobe and trying to live a more minimal lifestyle.
  • This will also come with some interior design posts and I decorate my room with cut bits and bobs and hopefully some very cool artwork and things.
  • I want to talk about women. All the women, but mainly all the women who have gone down in history as doing heroic things or inventing stuff or generally just being someone we would have heard about in school, had they been a man.
  • I will finally talk about my recent trip to Switzerland
  • I just have soooo many posts I want to write, and so you have lots to get excited for.

So stick around and I’ll deliver on these promises, I promise!

Katie x


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