June Favourites

June is over, and it was filled with some really good stuff. So let’s dive right in!


I haven’t actually discovered or listened to any new music in ages, and I have a huge list of artists or albums to check out and I just have never got around to it. But this month was different.

Image result for melodrama lorde

Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, has been on repeat for days. I keep thinking I’ve found my favourite song of the album, and then I listen to another one and think that’s my favourite, and then I listen to another one and… you get the picture. I adore all of them, but today my current fave is Homemade Dynamite.

Image result for halsey hopeless fountain kingdom

And then there’s Halsey’s new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, which I haven’t listened to fully yet, but of what I have listened to, they’re all my favourites just as with Lorde. I think I’m loving 100 letters right now though.

I was a little nervous about both of these, since the second album has so much potential to disappoint, but I think they’ve both really pulled it out of the bag.


I think we’re not surprised that I’m going to mention Orange is the New Black here, but I actually haven’t finished it yet (I’m currently on episode 11 out of 13, so nearly there!), and I’m not loving all of it. I think some of the story lines are dragging or it feels like they’ve done it all before, but the one thing I have loved is Taystee stepping up and pushing so passionately for changes in the prison. A lot of important things have been said about Poussey and her death but also the general state of the prison and treatment of the inmates and Taystee has been a great face for that.

Image result for orange is the new black taystee season 5

Orphan Black has come back too! And I’m still in denial that this is the last season, but I’m ready for whatever end they’re going to give us. Five seasons later and I am still blown away by Tatiana Maslany’s acting ability and the different between these clones played by this same woman. I will miss it immensely but will take great pleasure in re-watching it often, I’m sure.


I went to Switzerland! And it was beautiful! And I fell in love with such a gorgeous country! And I have lots of detailed posts coming up, with tips, and what I did, and where I went. So keep your eyes open for that!


My Dad Wrote a Porno came back at the end of May, so I’m counting it as June favourite, but this is the first time I’ve been listening to it in real time and have to wait a week between episodes. And it’s so hard! But still just as hilariously funny as the first two seasons, and just as inappropriate to listen to on the bus unless you like laughing out loud in front of loads of strangers. I’m going to do a post soon rounding up all my favourite podcasts, but this one will be top of the list! Go and check it out!


I can’t believe I thought I’d finished writing this and haven’t even mentioned books yet. Who have I become? My all time favourite of this month has definitely been What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler, which I’m going to do a full review of soon and will also feature in a round up of what I read on holiday. It follows Kate as she leaves a party early, very drunk, and soon finds out one of her, also very drunk classmates was raped there. Except people deny it was rape, because she was drunk. And people protect the multiple guys accused because they’re the schools basketball stars. And it’s really just a powerful book about what to do when you find yourself in a hard situation like that, and how the people in power can twist the way incidents like this are looked at. I absolutely loved it.

So there we have it. What sort of things have you all been loving recently?

Katie x 



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