A Few Thoughts…

Hello! Long time no… speak? Read? Who knows. Anyway, I haven’t written for a while. I had a lot of stuff to do, what with collating and sending off some stuff for work, then preparing for my holiday and going on my holiday.

If you’ve been following my instagram you’ll have seen all my pics of the gorgeous country that is Switzerland. If you’re not, head on over cause I’ll be posting a lot more of those photos. I also have a few posts with all my tips and best bits of Switzerland which will be coming up soon. I absolutely loved it, had an amazing time, but it was exhausting, and brought up some strained issues with the friend I went with. But that’s a ramble for another time.

Now that I’m planning on getting back into blogging regularly, I wanted to just do a bit of a mind dump to give you an update on where I’m at in life, and my plans for this blog going forward.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I am 24. I don’t know how I feel about that. I feel like time’s going too fast. Idk.

I really, like, reallyyyyyyyyyyy, want to get back into writing and not just thinking about it, but I always get so disillusioned with the writing process when I actually sit down to write and what’s in my mind doesn’t come out properly. But I’m going to do camp nano in July and will be writing about that.

It’s been too hot in the UK recently, and when I was in Switzerland, and it’s given me some body thoughts. More to come on that when I assemble my thoughts properly.

I’m so devastated by what’s been happening around the world lately, but it seems there’s been a lot happening closer to home than normal. There was an attack on Muslim’s leaving a Mosque last night, and I’m so appalled by the media coverage of ‘clean shaven white man’ and the contrast in language the media uses when talking about attacks by white people in comparison to other terrorist attacks. There was the fire at Grenfell Tower which was so preventable and so badly dealt with by the government and so tragic, and I’m just… at a loss with the world right now. I’ve been wanting to say something about this for a while, but I don’t have the words, and in some light my words don’t matter. I’ve been on Twitter a lot recently, trying to retweet and share the interviews and words of those who were there, those who have lost people, and who have been fighting these issues for a long time now, because it’s their statements and experiences which need the limelight. But I feel so helpless.

I’ve read some really good books lately. I’m going to talk about them soon.

I’m so conflicted if I want to reread Harry Potter for the online reread, because I don’t have time, and I have so many other things to read. But Harry Potter.

I have this feeling in me to do so much. But it’s like I don’t know how to. I’m working on it.

And my last point is that I want to disregard all the goals I made at the beginning of 2017, because they seem irrelevant. I want to do a ’24 in 24′ thing, of things I want to achieve before my next birthday. So that’s something I’ll be working on too. Look out for that. What I will be doing though, is 24 daily posts, starting tomorrow, to celebrate my birthday and kick off this blog relaunch. I’ve been harbouring some blog posts for a while now and I want to get them out there.

(Also, also, I’ll be working on my theme at some point. Sorry if it’s a mess for a while.)

Whew, that was longer than I thought it would be. See you soon!



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