Have you registered to vote??

This morning, my polling card came through the post. For those of you that don’t know, it’s just a white a5 bit of card with the details of when the next election is and where your nearest polling station is. But it means that you have successfully registered to vote, whether it was just now for this snap election, or for previous elections.

But if you haven’t got one.. there’s still time!!

Hannah Witton has done a video recently about how easy it is to vote – it takes no time at all! Go and check it out. All the links applicable are in the description of her video, but I’ll pop them here too.

Go here to register to vote – if you plan to do it in person you’ve got until midnight on the 22nd May. You have to be 16 to register to vote but can’t vote till you’re 18 (it’s a bit different in Scotland) but you just need to register once then you’re on the electoral register and can vote for all elections.

You can also vote by postal vote or proxy (have someone vote on your behalf) if you’re unable to attend in person or will be out of the country. To vote by post the deadline is 5pm on the 23rd May. The deadline for voting by proxy is 31st May. Emergency proxy votes are available on the day of the election if for instance you’re on the way to the polling station and get hit by a bus, and are totally okay! but can’t make it there yourself.

And, once you have registered to vote – MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY GO AND VOTE!! It’s so important that you use your voice and put your opinion forward to do something to try and sort this mess of a country out. Who should you vote for? I can’t tell you that, but there are loads of resources out there online that can help. There are quizzes which ask you a bunch of questions about immigration, health care, taxes etc, and then tells you which party your views align most with. There’s websites that tell you how you vote tactically to keep certain parties out of different constituencies, and then there’s the parties websites themselves, which will have all the details about their manifestos for the election. These should be coming out in the next week or so.

Pleaseeeee don’t waste this opportunity to vote. It’s SO important!




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