(18/04/17) So it’s been a while…

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I was taking a break after deciding to give up on trying to write a post everyday. And then some other things happened. My nan went into hospital, she’s now home and needs 24/7 supervision, it’s been a bit hectic, and so I thought I’d give blogging a little break.

But I’ve still had such a yearning to write, and I think I just need to write this first post and make that first push into getting back into it to get me back into the flow.

I’ve also been thinking about the content of this blog a lot, and what kind of things I want to post. I was listening to one of the early episodes of the Call Your Girlfriend podcasts, when they answer a question about how the podcast came to be. The two hosts, Ann and Aminatou mentioned something along the lines of ‘more women should be making podcasts’. Then they realised, ‘hey, we’re women.’

And so, following that logic, the ‘create the content you want to see’ mindset, I started thinking about what content I like to see on the internet, what type of posts I go looking for, etc.

And I came up with these main topics:

  • feminism
  • writing tips and experiences
  • reading, books, and reviews
  • LGBTQ+ positive content
  • environmentally friendly tips
  • ethical fashion
  • travel
  • career advice
  • bad-ass women
  • supporting women
  • attainable health and fitness

Amongst others

And while I still had those things in mind while I was writing on this blog earlier, it helps to write them down and visualise my aims and priorities. And so there you have it. What the future content of this blog looks like. I hope you’re as excited as me!

Since deciding to stop posting everyday, I’ve been struggling to decide when I would blog. Whenever I felt like it? Twice a week? Three times? I don’t quite know yet, I’ll try 2/3 times weekly and see how it goes, but I’m going to try and stick to a routine – something I’m normally very bad at! So wish me luck!




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