April Goals

A little late, but better than never, here we go!


Camp Nano Wrimo:

I want to complete this. I’ve given myself the goal of 30,000 words, only 1000 a day, and I’m off to a great start, but that’s because I’ve been off work. I know when I go back, it’ll be harder to keep up with my word count, but I’m going to try because I really want to win.


Spring clean:

I need a good sort out of clothes, and I want to do a minimalism challenge or something to get rid of all the crap in my house that I don’t want/use. I also want to help my mam clear out the garage/hall cupboard etc, cause it’s highly likely in the next week or two at least one of my grandparents will be moving in with us, and they need room for their stuff.


Get back on track with my reading:

This whole year I’ve always been just about 1 book behind schedule on my Goodreads goal to read 100 books a year, and even if I have to read some short ones to get it up again, I want to get on track, or ahead.


Health wise:

Figure out if I’m feeling a bit iffy like I have recently because I’ve been coming down with something, or if it’s because my mental health isn’t good again and I need another look at my medication. Go for many more dog walks, and start yoga again. Stop eating like shit. Simple, really.


That’s it for me, what are your April goals!?



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