(9/3/2017) Being an ethical shopper

I need some clothes, for work, for casual, a new handbag and some other stuff.

But I don’t want to buy just any old junk. I usually shop from New Look, H&M, Marks and Spencer for underwear, Accessorise for handbags sometimes.

But I know that these are not the most ethical places, and in that I mean in the materials they use and how they source them, but also how they treat their workers, interact with the environment, and basically what kind of mark they leave on the world.

I want to know more about the companies I support, support more small businesses, and have my money go to good places and causes while also getting good quality clothes that will last me a long time.

So, yet again, I’m asking for help. I need ethical companies but also resources where I can research this for myself.

I’m on the bus to work right now, and will be looking into this when I get home, but would love to hear any tips or advice you guys have!



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