(5/3/2017) Camp Nano Planning

One of many goals I set for 2017 was:

participate in all 3 NanoWrimo’s.

This includes the two camp versions in April and July, and the proper one in November.

And I thought I had loads of time until the April one came around, but guess what? IT’S MARCH! And I’m soooooo unprepared.

I have about a million ideas floating around in my head, and some of them have even made their way onto paper in the form of plot plans and scene drafts. But most of them still live in my head because up there, they are fully formed and have substance, and emotion, and action, and when I try and put them on paper (or screen) they don’t quite come out how I’d planned.

So it’s safer to keep them in my head, right?


I love writing, and creating, and plotting stories, and making characters, but they’re never going to go anywhere if they only exist in my head.

And I know what I need to do. I need to choose just one of these ideas, or no – I need to pick all of them, and write them all down on different bits of paper. Spend time thinking about each of them individually, and working on them. Then I need to pick which one I’m most excited about, which one I think is the best, or my favourite, or whatever I think an idea needs to make it through a month of Nano.

Because for all the time’s I’ve actually participated in Nano, I’ve only completed it once. And that was when I was in Australia with very little responsibilities or other commitments.

And my problem with getting my ideas out and written down is that I need a plan, but I’m not really a planner. I think I have things all planned out, but I need scene details, and orders, and some distinct direction in which my characters and plot are going. So that’s what I need to do before April.

But I’m excited! I’m sure once I’ve actually done some preparation I’ll share my top tips with you guys, but also please share your top tips with me! And is anyone else doing Camp Nanowrimo? Let me know!



One thought on “(5/3/2017) Camp Nano Planning

  1. Pretty much everything you said is me! :’D My ideas sound awesome in my head then I start writing them down and think, “Why do I think this was so great again?”

    And I’m also not a natural planner, but pantsing doesn’t work for me. For once though, I’m actually pretty prepared for Camp.

    I’ve been outlining in an almost TV episode summary way for each chapter. It’s working for this particular novel. It’s really helped me figure out the chain of events.

    Good luck to you! You’ve still got the whole month. Is there any particular idea you’re leaning towards?


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