Normal service will resume after this short announcement

So basically, I’m a terrible human being, and after some internet issues, and some social events that I actually went to instead of feigning ill, and a few naps, I’m back and ready to continue as normal.

I think having a bit of a break has done wonders for my creativity, and I have LOADS of post ideas, and things I want to talk about, or look into, or share etc.

So I still have posts for the last few days that I missed that I’m going to post today (I’ve had them all written but I couldn’t upload photos or whatever with no internet) and then I’m going to go ahead and plan out and hopefully write future posts, because I really want to get back into this post a day thing.

Reflecting on it though, agreeing to write a post a day was a ridiculous idea, and I don’t know why I ever thought it possible, but I’m not one to back down.

So, normal daily posts should be a regular thing from now on!



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