(3/3/2017) Trying to be more reusable

My little project for February was to look at some of the disposable items I use and try to change those to reduce the amount of waste I produce.

Some of the key items in my life that I’d selected to work on were:

  • plastic straws
    • I’ve been using straws more often, especially when I drink orange juice or fizzy drinks, to try and look after my teeth a bit more, but throwing out a straw everyday isn’t good for the environment. So I bought reusable ones. They come with a little straw brush to clean them, and once I use the plastic straws that we have, I’ll start using these.
  • cotton pads
    • I have bought some microfiber cloths to replace the need for cotton pads. From taking my make up off, to general face washing, these have come in dead handy (and for drying the cat when he comes in from the rain!). I plan to dedicate one to taking my nail varnish off, so that one gets raggy then binning it eventually, but the rest can just be thrown in the wash and reused instead of chucking out loads of cotton pads.
  • plastic bottles
    • I always took a bottle of water to work for lunch. Then I’d recycle it. But still, it’s better to reduce first, then recycle what you can’t reduce. So I’ve bought a reusable water bottle. A simple step, but one that’s great for the environment.
  • carrier bags
    • I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite good at taking my own bags and reusing those then I go shopping, and I rarely buy new ones. There’s still room for improvement though, and I still plan to work on this all the time.

I still want to look into finding reusable alternatives for cotton buds, and also having a more sustainable period, but that’s a project in the works for another month.

Are there any everyday items that you think are totally unnecessary and wasteful, and that there’s a really easy, much more environmentally friendly alternative I could be using instead? Please let me know!



2 thoughts on “(3/3/2017) Trying to be more reusable

  1. I make lots of reusable items and makeup rounds are one of the popular ones. From makeup Wipes to small rounds you always have a size that is great for your face and they can be so much fun because they are great prints. Plus they are soft! I sell lots of different variations in my Etsy shop Jane’s Needfuls.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.WordPress.com


  2. Another great reusable item is napkins. Instead of paper napkins that you use and throw away you can have fun prints that you then wash and reuse. I know I sell what in my shop is called reusable toilet paper, and many people use it for just that, but it has so many more uses, such as tissues and napkins and pantyliners. My Etsy shop is Jane’s Needfuls and if you spend some time there as well as on my blog you may learn some more uses for these handy reusable items that I make.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.WordPress.com


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