(28/2/2017) February Favourites

Hello! February is over and what a funny old month it’s been – I simply can not believe it’s March already! Anyway, here’s some of my fave’s from this month!

Also though, I feel like I don’t have many favourites for this month. I’ve read as much as usual, but haven’t watched any TV or films, or done anything really exciting, just here’s just a few highlights.


This month I have delved deep into the world of Belinda Blinked, via the hugely popular podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno.’ This is my first introduction into podcasts, and it was a brilliant choice for my first one. I have been that weird lady sat at the back of the bus chortling away to herself because I just can’t wait to get home to listen to some more, but it’s so funny I can’t not laugh out loud. Definitely recommend!


This year, I’ve been trying out readitswapit.com. It’s a UK based scheme where you list the books you have that you want rid of, someone comes along and goes ‘oh, I want that book.’ You have a look at their books, find one of theirs that you want, and post them to each other. You have to state what condition the books are in, so there should be no nasty surprises about that, but I’ve never had a bad experience with it so far. I’ve posted around 10 books so far, and it’s cost me the price of postage for each of them, and in return I’ve got 10 books that I want to read. It’s around £2.80ish(I think?) for a small parcel, which is what most books are classed as by the Royal Mail, but for that price you get a new book that is often in brand new/only slightly used condition. I’m so glad I’ve found it. It’s saved me a load of money, but I also like the idea of swapping and sharing books.


On the Edge of Gone

Bone Gap

The Diviners

Also, I treated myself to the Europe version of the 36 hour book, and it’s so good! I used it to help plan my Switzerland trip a bit, but it’s also got me ready to plan something else very soon!

And not to sound like I’ve had an uneventful month, but…. that’s it. I haven’t got much else to add, at least not that I can think of right now. But hopefully next month will be full of more things to share with you!





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