(1/3/2017) Cruelty Free January

So my goal for January was to assess my make up, cosmetic, beauty products etc, and weed out the ones which are not cruelty free (which I realise that was a while ago now – this post has been a long time coming)

Here’s the products I started out the month with:

(this is just my go to products, I have a lot of other products I rarely use that I need to go through and find out which ones are old and need chucking, and then repeat this process with them too).

Mascara – Maybelline

Foundation – Collection

Eyebrow pencil – Revlon

Blusher sticks – Smashbox and Collection

Concealer – NYX and Maybelline

Liquid eyeliners – NYX, Rimmel, and Barry M.

These are the two resources I’ve been using to research which of the brands I use are cruelty free, and which aren’t.

Here’s how my products fared:

(any brands stated here which I haven’t mentioned before is there because I have products from that brand, but they’re probably just not my usual, go to item, or they’re a lip product or eye shadow that I don’t wear everyday, or alternate between a few.)

Brands to Avoid – Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, Collection Cosmetics

Cruelty Free – NYX (but parent company is not), Barry M,

No7, Seventeen – unclear information, requests pending.

Grey area brands – Smashbox (looks like they’re working on changing their ways to become cruelty free, but are not as of yet.)

So, it looks like I need some new ones, doesn’t it?

I’m not going to do this all in one go – I explained in my original Going Cruelty Free post that once I’d finished with a product, then I’d replace it. I’m not going to throw everything out at once – that would be quite expensive and also, what a waste!

So here’s how I’ve started replacing some of my items:

Mascara – I’ve tried so many times to find a different mascara than this one, and I just haven’t had any luck. I love the brush of it and just no others match up to it. I’d heard really good things about a Barry M Showgirl one (in the picture above) but was left hugely underwhelmed, and have gone back to my Maybelline one. I also have an NYX one and a Body shop one to try too, so hopefully I’ll fall in love with those. I bought a new Barry M foundation, an NYX blusher, and some other NYX and Body Shop products to try.

The way I’m going about this is: – Barry M is cheap and in most stores in the UK, NYX has super cute and good items, also in my local Boots, and The Body Shop are also cruelty free and fairly convenient for me. These are the most accessibly brands for me in terms of picking up the items in shops, and trying testers, especially for foundations and things where colour really matters. I will also be looking online because I’ve heard good things about Elf, and some other brands.

So now that I’ve looked at my make up, I’m going to look at the rest of the beauty products I own, such as shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, bubble bath etc. Keep an eye for future updates, and as always, any recommendations of brands or cruelty free resources, please send them my way!



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