(20/2/2017) How I stay organised/My massive to-do list

This is kind of an ironic post considering this month has been a shambles in terms of organising my blog posts and all the crap I have to do.

But, I recently just started a new method of managing my to do list, and I thought I’d share that with you.

I am, and always have been, someone who needs to write down their to-do lists physically. And I love making lists, and having lists to organise myself with. But sometimes, the lists end up pretty damn long.

So, I’ve started post-it noting things.


And by things, I mean everything. For example, while one task on your to-do list might be ‘tidy room’, I like to split each task, especially the larger more daunting ones (trust me, if you’d seen my room, you’d know tidying it was a very daunting task) into bite size chunks, such as sort out laundry, take dishes down, tidy the floor, tidy my desk, hoover, etc, and make each of these it’s own task.

So, I write each task on a post it. And then I sort. It’s not a strict or rigorous sorting procedure, it’s more of, what will take the least amount of time, sort of longer things, and then big tasks. It also works as an urgent, kind of important, can wait a while sorting system too.

And then, once it may look like a lot, but for me, it works better because things are much more manageable. Once I’ve completed something, I can simply rip away the post-it, and I can see how much I’ve got left to do.

It’s also handy, because as I go through a stack of post-its the colours change (if you get a multicoloured stack that it) and so after a few days/weeks I can pick out the yellow ones as the oldest tasks, and so probably the ones that need doing most urgently.

For this method, I use a large cork board that I have, and just slip it behind my desk when I’m not pulling things off or adding on new jobs. And it is quite big, and that can make it seem daunting, and also just inconvenient to have in the home. Some other alternatives are to make a table on a word document, or excel maybe? and then you have the same flexibility in moving things from column to column.

This works well for me because it leaves room for chopping and changing – moving things or adding in new things that crop up. Let’s hope I can utilise this method to actually get some of my jobs done!

Although, now that I’ve been using it for a while, it’s got a lot messier since I’ve just been adding more and more post its all over it randomly. It now looks a bit frantic and stressful, but it still keeps me in line!





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