Yesterday was the first proper sunny morning this year. Not just getting lighter on a morning, but full on sun. And just knowing that, acknowledging it and seeing it made such a difference to my day. I was only outside for about an hour on the bus on my way to work, before I spent the whole day inside a windowless laboratory where the only indication of the weather is how wet our delivery box is when it comes and if the courier guy is actually in trousers rather than the shorts he seems to wear year round.

I truly believe my depression is in some part seasonal affective disorder (which has never been clinically confirmed, but that’s a whole other story). Last winter was the worst of my life. But i went on medication in the spring, so was it really the medication or was it the increased sunlight which altered my mood? Who knows. I only know that when it came around to this winter, it definitely wasn’t as bad as the one before. Thankfully.

It may still be freezing, but the sun is out, and now that Valentine’s day is out the way all the shops are gearing up towards Easter. Everything is floral and pastel shades and I don’t know why but there’s something about spring colours and fun, pretty, patterned stationary and bits and bobs that has this affect on my mood, and I just feel much happier. So combined with the sun and walking past John Lewis and seeing some bits of stationary which have some sort of sentimental nostalgia to them for some reason, I was in a wonderful mood yesterday, and I cannot wait for more bright, blue skied days.



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