(12/2/2017) Mothers

I am a 23 year old adult who has never done any wrong in her life. I’m not talking little things, I mean that I never had a bad report when I was in school, I never did anything my mother disapproved of, got into any sort of trouble of any sort. At all.

And yesterday, I went and pierced my nose.

And you’d think I’d killed somebody, going off my mother’s reaction.

I spent a lot of last night crying, and being annoyed at her for being annoyed at me. I’m not an idiot, this wasn’t a whim, I’d researched the place, I’d wanted one for a long time, I knew the risks etc, and she still looked like she wanted to disown me.

I have since taken it out and don’t know how I feel about it.

I also got the second holes in my ears done but one of them is bleeding quite heavily at times and the other is fine and I don’t know if the bleeding one is okay??

I don’t know.

Do I wish I’d never got them done? Kind of, just for the hassle and drama it caused. I like the look of my nose ring, I actually quite loved it, but my mother hated it, and I hated her making me feel like shit, and part of me wanted to be like fuck you, this is my body, my nose, I’ll do what I want with it. I’m an adult. I can make my own decisions. It seems I’m not that person.

It feels like she’s won. I would have liked to have kept it in. It’s out now, anyway.

I’m not that bothered that it’s out, in a way? I’m annoyed and bothered by her reaction to an adult making a decision about their own body. I would have liked it for more than 22 hours. I’m worried about my ears and hope they stop bleeding. It’s more of the principle I’m annoyed with. So many people have nose piercings and they look so good and don’t negatively impact their lives. I wish my mother wasn’t so old fashioned or set in her ways. I’m not bitter, just slightly disappointed.

Farewell short lived nose piercings. Please pray for my ears.





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