(2/2/2017) Writing every day for a year

Or, almost every day for a year. Yes, I know this is late. Oops.

I was doing so well at this, or so I thought. And the it was just like suddenly everything happened at once and I had so many other things to do and I seem to have fallen behind with this. It may only be a few days but it feels like a lot longer.

I knew this challenge was going to be hard when I set it for myself. But I was excited by it, and thought I could keep on top of writing the posts. But then you miss one post, and suddenly you’ve missed two, and they just pile up. And I don’t want to just write any old posts, just for the sake of them, I want to research things properly, and use this as a way of getting more informed myself.

And I was so excited at the beginning at the prospect of having this opportunity to write more, and have that help my fiction writing, to work on projects, and really exercise that creative side of me which I’ve been neglecting lately. But I don’t have any time to write or do anything else without feeling guilty because I’m not sorting out blog posts.

But more than just the time, it’s the motivation. And motivation is something I strongly lack in a lot of areas of my life. I always set myself tasks or projects, and end up failing after only a little while because I couldn’t be bothered anymore, or it was too hard to get into the routine of it.

So, I’ve had a few days off. I’m a few days late with this. I’ll make up these last few days. And that’s okay. But in future, I’m going to try and harness that motivation when it comes, and write till my hearts content, and then that covers my bases for when I’m not feeling it so much.

Anyway, here’s to the rest of the year being more successful!



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