(1/2/2017) How Was January?

Happy February, everyone!

So, at the beginning of last month, I set myself some goals and I thought now would be a good time so see how the first month went.

I’m not going to go through all the goals I set for the year, just a couple.

  • Blog every day. Or at least, schedule a blog post for everyday of the year.

I’m actually very pleased with how this one has gone! There may have been one or two posts which haven’t quite been on time, but I’m getting into the hang of writing posts in bulk and scheduling them, and it’s been a challenge writing so much but I’m getting into the swing of it and enjoying the challenge. I have some more thoughts on this, possibly to come tomorrow.

  • Read 100 books. (check out my goodreads for this!)

I’ve read 6 so far. I’m 2 books behind schedule according to Goodreads. I fear I’ve set myself up for failure on this one. Must read harder.

  • Work on one project each month. (These are going to be along the lines of learning all the countries and their capitals, cause I just want to know stuff like that, but also knitting, cocktail making, and stuff like that.)

January’s project was to learn morse code. And I totally forgot all about it until around the 25th… But! I have started and am enjoying it. I don’t think I’m going to find it majorly useful in life, but it’s fun.

  • Donate £1200 to charities.

Haven’t donated anything yet. Oops. Soon

  • Get my nose pierced. I’ve been wanting this for ages but I just feel like I’m not confident enough and can’t pull it off, but I really want to do it.

(I don’t want to say much about this cause I’m so excited for it but I think have plans to do in a couple of weeks!!)

  • Make some career decision. I feel like I’m ready to move on and grow and spread my wings career wise, but in what direction I have absolutely no idea. Must think about this some more…

I think I may have made some career decisions!! This is big news to me, that I actually have a slight, almost, not fully formed plan for the future. But it’s getting there!


I also wanted to look at my beauty products that I use and go cruelty free. I’ll be posting a proper update in the next couple of days, but this was probably the most successful of all my goals for this month. Out of learning a new project, a new recipe, donating money, and watching more documentaries, this is the only one I’ve made real progress on, and I’m pleased with the way my make up collection is looking lately!

Overall I’ve had a pretty good month. It seems to be AGES ago that I popped down to London, had a lovely catch up, and have some of my tongue chopped out, but I’m leaving the month in a much more positive mood that I spent some of it in. February brings the arrival of spring just that little bit closer, and as the nights are getting lighter, I feel my spirits getting lighter too.



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