(29/1/17) Book Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You by Stephanie Kate Strohm

One high school girl’s comedic examination of her dating past as told by the friends, family, and boys who were involved!
Avery Dennis is a high school senior and one of the most popular girls in her class. But a majorly public breakup with the guy she’s been dating causes some disastrous waves. It is right before prom and Avery no longer has the perfect date. She runs the prom committee, how could she not show up with somebody?
Post-breakup, Avery gets to thinking about all of the guys that she has ever dated. How come none of those relationships ever worked out? Could it be her fault? Avery decides to investigate. In history class she’s learning about this method of record-keeping called “oral history” and she has a report due. So Avery decides to go directly to the source. Avery tracks down all of the guys she’s ever dated, and uses that information, along with thoughts from her friends, family, and teachers, to compile a total account of her dating history.
Avery discovers some surprises about herself and the guys she’s spent time with — just in time for prom night!

Shall we start with the positives? I really enjoyed how this book was set out – it follows Avery as she completes an oral history assignment for school, interviewing all of her ex-boyfriends to find out why her latest dumped her just a few days before prom. It was such a different format to normal, that it was such fun to read.

I also really enjoyed Avery’s friendship with her best friend, Coco. They were always talking each other up and had each other’s back, which was refreshing.

But overall? Not my cup of tea. I got that the general theme of the book was meant to be about Avery’s journey to self discovery, and finding herself while not being in a relationship. But I wasn’t too impressed.

Some of the interactions were just so ridiculous – ‘She walked up to me, said ‘You’re my boyfriend now’ and that was that.’ When would that ever happen in real life? Have I just had a very sheltered upbringing, away from these ridiculous encounters?

I also didn’t like – spoiler – how she ended up in a relationship at the end. Wasn’t the whole point she was supposed to find herself being single blah blah blah… There’s wrong with girls who are always in relationships, but if you’re giving some idea about the book, make it last for more than like 2 weeks.

It was a generally alright read – the break down of only the character’s input into her assignment and no real prose made it go a lot quicker, which I enjoyed. But I wish there’d been a better message at the end.

I only rated this 3 stars on Goodreads.



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