(28/1/17) Stop leaving things to the last minute

This is a lesson for me, but also for you to learn from my mistakes.

I got my car in July last year. Since then – yes, for 7 months, I’ve been meaning to put the number for AA breakdown recover in my phone for if I should ever need it.

Did I ever get round to it? Nope. Did I need it and not have it? Yup.

And so there I was, in the middle of the road, last night, in -1 degree cold, fumbling about with my numb hands trying to google the number, and instead keep getting pages about costs and different types of cover and everything I didn’t need.

Which made me think that there’s more than just that one thing I’ve been putting off doing lately. So today, it going to be a day of doing things which need doing.

Maybe you should make today one of those days for you too?



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