(27/1/17) Thank you

To the man who offered to push my car out of the way when I broke down at a set of traffic lights tonight.

To the man who pulled in to the side of the road, and walked back along the road to see if I was alright and needed help, who then came back to where I was after he’d dropped his family off, and towed my car home so I didn’t have to wait for an hour in the bitter cold. You wouldn’t give us your name so we could thank you properly, but you were one of only two people to stopped.

And thank you to my mam, who rushed out of the house to help me deal with my very first breakdown when I wanted to cry in the middle of the road in -1 degree cold.

Tonight was a horrible night, but some people make you feel so much better off in the world just by knowing there are some who will go out of their way to help you.



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