(22/1/17) Women

As I’m sure all of you know, yesterday thousands, and I actually think it was reported that millions of people across all 7 continents marched in the Women’s March. What was initially a march on Washington, citizens of all ages and from numerous countries joined marches from New York to London, L.A. to Antarctica.

It was momentous. And I’m sure you saw all about it on the news and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/everywhere else.

And I just want to talk about full my heart is because of it.

Obviously there were negatives, mainly certain peoples reactions. But let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the good.

I wish I could have gone to a march – I bet the atmosphere would have been amazing, but I was at work, and sadly it was on of those things that I didn’t know was happening until it happened. And I wasn’t aware of one in my area. But still, I’m so proud of everyone else who went, who showed up and showed support. The pictures looked outstanding.

It just made me really proud to be a woman and proud to be a feminist, and hopeful that no matter what happens in politics or government, whatever the opinions of some may be, there are so many more who will fight for what is right. Idk, I don’t really have a big post to right on this, I just wanted to acknowledge the scale of the marches and how I hope it’s a sign of how things might be to come. My social media feeds were filled with women I already respect and who inspire me, taking a stand against injustices and spreading wise words and love and support for other women. There are many more women out there who have written something more eloquent and succinct than this, I just wanted to add my own two cents.

Obviously I can’t end this post without acknowledging the negatives, how there’s a lack of intersectionality (intersectionalism? idk, you know what I mean) in feminism, how the fact there were no arrests here yet many in the BLM protests show not a change in behaviour of those present, but a different kind of policing, how other protests which were just as important (such as BLM ones and NODALP) received way less international attention.

But I feel in this social climate, we have to take the good we can get and hold onto it for dear life.



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