(12/1/17) Holding On To Friendships

This past weekend I took a trip to London to meet up with my best friend from university. It had been nearly two years since we’d last seen each other, due to unfortunately having to cancel plans and both being really busy. But, despite that, and despite not talking that often, whether it be by text or whatsapp or skype, it was the perfect weekend.

We met at a cafe, gave each other the biggest hug, and delved right in to catching up. It feels cliched to write that ‘it was just like picking up where we left off’, but it honestly was. There was no awkward silences. I didn’t go through the normal anxiety I do when meeting up with friends, which normally happens when I see friends fairly regularly, never mind when it’s been years.

And it just made me really grateful to have this friend in my life.

Sometimes I feel a little… put out by her? Sometimes I feel like I was more into the friendship than she was, that I was always the one texting and getting no reply and stuff like that, but it’s weekends like this that just put it all into perspective. So what if she doesn’t always reply to my messages straight away or if all? I do that too – think I’ve replied when I haven’t or just don’t have anything good to say and the conversation trickles off. Everyone does it! I just take these things to heart too much.

I still class her as one of my very best friends and love her to pieces, and this weekend was amazing at lifting my spirits and renewing my love towards her. We had so much fun, and spent the whole two days laughing, it was honestly as if we’d never been apart.

I spent a lot of 2016 worrying about friendships and worrying that I was growing too far apart from my friendship group at home, that they weren’t inviting me places or that I didn’t want to see them. And while that’s still the case, I have a renewed love and desire for close relationships and moments spent laughing with people who know you. So I’m going to try my very hardest to work on my other friendships this year, and be grateful for those relationships I have with people which are easy and rewarding.




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