(11/1/17) Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Play Review

A few days ago I posted my review of The Cursed Child script in preparation for going to see the stage production in London. Well, I have seen it now, and boy do I have some feelings about it.

Just a warning, the previous post about the script was spoiler free, but this post will not. In other words: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Firstly, I want to say that I did hugely enjoy it. Seeing it on stage made SUCH  a difference to just reading it. When I read the script, parts of the dialogue felt jarring, and out of place, and it didn’t flow well, because, obviously, it’s not written in prose. But it translates so much better to stage.

I’m not going to discuss the plot, just some of my favourite bits. Like I said, spoilers!

The bit I was most looking forward to seeing from reading it, was the bit where the trolley lady tries to stop them escaping the Hogwarts express and gets on the roof of the train with her trolley. I just remember thinking this was so weird and just like, what??? What on earth? But it was actually quite funny.

The whole play was funnier than it read, and I think that’s down to the cast and the production of it. And Ron, who was only there for comedic value, correct me if I’m wrong?

The most impressive bit, though, was the ‘magic.’ This was the part I was most looking forward to, seeing hoe they’d do the spells and magic without the special effects of the big screen. I know I said spoilers, but I don’t want to really ruin the magical essence of the experience, but my favourite magic bits were the bit with the Polyjuice Potion, when they’re changing scene and Harry and Ginny just suddenly end up in bed out of nowhere.

Things that were weird: the very far fetched plot that my friend who hadn’t read the script found hard to follow. Anddddd, I mean this is the most pleasant way, Scorpious.

When reading it, Scorpious came across as shy and awkward to me, and others that I talked about it with, but on stage, and I’m presuming this was done tactically on purpose, he was just a bit weird. But it seemed like the presentation of his character was overly put on and fake, and for most of the play I felt like he was a character out of A Very Potter Musical (which I LOVE btw, but still). His voice was actually very reminiscent of Quirrell in AVPM. I don’t know, sometimes Scorpious’ character felt out of place in a scene, or just not how I expected him to be at all.

To wrap up: Harry’s a dick in this, Dad Harry and Dad Draco are kinda hot(?), Rose was excellent, the magic was great, the background actors moving all the props round and acting as crowds in the background etc may seem like a very little part when I put it like that, but they helped scenes transition smoothly and it was a really nice, fun addition into the play. Oh, also Myrtle! I think she was quite possibly my favourite bit.

Other things to consider if planning to see it:

It is long. LONGGGG. Both parts are about 2 hours 40 mins each, with a 20 minutes interval in each part. BUT. I was sat in the top balcony, and I’m assuming all the seats were like this but I don’t know if maybe some more expensive seats nearer the front had more leg room(?), and there was very little leg room. I’m only 5’3, and I felt squished. And after that long of sitting down, it got reallyyyyyyy uncomfortable.

Also, the top balcony is VERY steep. The woman who say next to us sat down and looked like she was about to be sick. I’ve never sat that high in a theatre before, and while you could still see everything that was happening, sometimes (especially if you haven’t read the book and don’t know the plot fully maybe) it was difficult to ascertain who was speaking because we were so far away. There were only a couple of bits where Scorpious and Albus were in a pool of water (when they’re trying to meddle with the second task) that is right at the front of the stage and was quite difficult to see from the balcony. Just some things to consider if booking tickets. Other than that, you can take snacks and plastic bottles in, but not hot food or glass bottles, and it tells you to start queuing an hour before each performance to go through security, so give yourselves plenty of time!



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