(09/1/16) What’s in my bag? London Edition

So this weekend I took myself on a little trip to London to see The Cursed Child play. I was only staying overnight, but was flying down, so everything in my bag had to be enough to fit in carry on luggage. And also light enough to carry around for part of the day after I’d checked out my hotel.

I took a backpack, and a hand bag, and here’s what was in each:


Only staying overnight but I needed the essentials *coughcough*straighteners ;). Also included pj’s, a change of clothes and underwear, my hair brush and phone charger. I really felt like I’d forgotten to take something vitally important because I took so little!

Hand bag wise, I had my kindle and phone with headphones for the flight, passport, purse, umbrella (typical British weather, can’t go anywhere without it), gloves, medication, make up (to do in the car on the way to airport = a little bit of a longer lie in) and toiletries in a clear bag for easy access at security.

I love doing little weekend trips away, because you feel the need to be prepared and want to take everything but the kitchen sink, but in reality you don’t need much at all!



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