(07/1/17) My Aim for January

So I mentioned in this post a couple of days ago about how I wanted to work on various parts of my life and lifestyle each month to try and reduce my environmental and ethical impact.

Well, for January, I want to take a look at what make up, hair, skin, cosmetic products etc I own, and find out which ones are cruelty free and which aren’t.

I know before I even begin that most will not be cruelty free. Simply because the majority of brands are not either. A few months ago I did start an attempt at trying to weed out the ‘bad’ make up I own, and look for ‘good’ brands, but I didn’t get very far. I’m not very into make up, or very clued up on what all the different concealers or creams or colours or whatever are for, and so it is so much easier for me to go into Boots and grab what I already have. But that’s lazy of me, and I’m going to make more of an effort to research cruelty free brands that I can find in stores near me, but also branch out and order make up online, if it means supporting businesses that don’t test on animals.

Aside from make up, I plan to look at shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, moisturiser, make up remover, dry shampoo, and all the other stuff that’s cluttering up my bathroom shelves.

I’ve seen quite a few YouTubers delve into this topic recently, and it’s there that I’ve found links to some good resources about which brands are cruelty free and which aren’t, so I’ll link those at some point. I plan to do a round up post to this at the end of January once I’ve researched the brands I use. I’m not going to immediately chuck out all of my products. I will use what I have and then work on replacing them with cruelty free products. I just got a lot of make up and toiletries etc for Christmas, so it’s going to take me a looooong time to run out, so I’ll do another update post on this sometime later during the year. It’s going to be a long process but I’m already excited to find new products that are cruelty free!

If you know of any cruelty free brands, especially ones that are available in stores in the UK, PLEASEEEEE let me know, and I would love to hear from anyone else who’s doing a make up overhaul too!



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