(5/1/17) A Revamp of My 2017 Goals

Which only took 5 days to happen….

I spent a lot of time thinking about my 2017 goals, and they’ve stayed pretty much the same as when I posted about them a few days ago, but I didn’t like how I set them out. I was too vague and thought that not setting strict numbers on the goals would help – I didn’t want to be too restrictive. But I think that’s the point of goals overall, isn’t it? I also thought that I was setting myself too much to accomplish, but then I thought ‘oh, what the hell.’ If I don’t reach them, I don’t reach them. But if I don’t set them, there’s less chance of me doing them at all.

First off, I just want to mention something that hadn’t really occurred to me before. I was watching Hannah Witton’s 2017 resolutions video on YouTube, and she said something along the lines of: these are my goals right now. Life happens and things change and just because these are my priorities now, doesn’t mean they will remain priorities throughout the year. So if that happens, it happens.

And thinking about that just made me feel a little better about the fact that I might not achieve these things. Other stuff might happen and get in the way, and that’s okay. That’s life. Anyway, here we go.

  1. Blog every day. Or at least, schedule a blog post for everyday of the year.
  2. Read 100 books. (check out my goodreads for this!)
  3. Learn one new recipe each month.
  4. Work on one project each month. (These are going to be along the lines of learning all the countries and their capitals, cause I just want to know stuff like that, but also knitting, cocktail making, and stuff like that.)
  5. Complete an online course each month. (These can just be little two or three week courses that you can find from various places online, but I miss learning and want to learn about things that I haven’t covered in a while, such as history, or new things like law.)
  6. Complete both Camp NanoWrimos (in April and July) and the proper NanoWrimo in November.
  7. Travel. This ones still up in the air regarding when/where/who with.
  8. I want to eat less meat, less processed foods, drink more water, pay more attention to my body in terms of ‘am I hungry?’ or ‘am I full?’
  9. I want to buy more physical books from actual bookshops and support them.
  10. I want to buy from more small businesses rather than chains.
  11. Lose weight. This is vague again, and I don’t have a number in mind, I just have been eating far too much lately, of all the wrong things, and not doing enough, if any, exercise. I want to fit back into my old clothes, I’d like to inner thighs of my jeans to last longer, I want to not always be sweating or out of breath because I’m just so damn unfit.
  12. Reduce my time on social media, and take at least one week off from everything.
  13. Work on existing friendships and try and be better at making new ones.
  14. Work on environmental/ethical impact. This is where I want to eat less meat, and make less waste, but also have a more sustainable period and look into moon cups, transition to cruelty free make up and skin/hair/body products. I want to look at my wardrobe and my buying habits and make improvements in terms of where am I buying from.
  15. Watch more documentaries. I want to be more educated.
  16. Donate £1200 to charities. This is £100 of each of my paychecks. I am incredibly lucky that I’m in a financial situation where I have a lot of money left over at the end of every month. I pay for my car, a bit board to my mam, my phone/netflix/bus pass/any bits of crap that I want to buy but don’t really need, but I don’t have to pay rent, bills, or buy groceries. I’m really good at saving, and I’m going to work on that too, but I also want to find some good, worthy causes to give my money too. Because of my social anxiety, finding ways to donate my time or volunteer or doing something a bit out of the ordinary is harder for me, but I’m definitely going to work on doing that too. But I figured, hey, I’m in a position to donate, so why not donate. Yes, giving clothes away and food to food banks is also incredibly valuable, but with money, charities and organisations can run those charity shops, and pay staff, and decide what it is that they need the most, amongst helping the cause that it is you’re actually donating for and that’s how I want to help this year.
  17. Get my nose pierced. I’ve been wanting this for ages but I just feel like I’m not confident enough and can’t pull it off, but I really want to do it.
  18. Donate blood. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but just never got around to it.
  19. Make some career decision. I feel like I’m ready to move on and grow and spread my wings career wise, but in what direction I have absolutely no idea. Must think about this some more…
  20. Own less stuff. I want to declutter my room, minimise my belongings and stop buying so much crap that I don’t need.

Here are my bullet journal spreads dedicated to 2017 goals, which will hopefully help me keep track of accomplishing them.



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