(03/01/20) Good Things of 2016 – Part 1

I think we can all agree that 2016 was an abysmal year, for practically everybody.

But, in the aim of starting this new year in a positive light, I think finding the light in the dark is the way to go.

So here’s some things that happened to me last year that were bright points in the dark.

Going on Medication:

In April/May last year, I finally went to the doctors about my anxiety and depression. I was in a terrible place. I was constantly on the verge of crying, irritable, always stressing about the worst case scenario, and just generally in a very dark place. I finally talked to my mam about it and going on medication (sertroline, an antidepressant) has seriously improved my overall mood and attitude in life.

I’m enjoying work:

so so so much more than I was previously. I look forward to going in and seeing all my colleagues, who I now regard as friends. I don’t feel intimidated by them or so shy in front of them anymore, and am enjoying engaging in workplace ‘banter’ and spending a lot of my time at work laughing and joking. I feel much more confident in my abilities there, and am just generally feeling much more settled and at ease there.

Pokemon Go:

Yes, I’m including this because we all have to agree that it was super fun, wasn’t it? But also, it got me out the house. It got me doing things on weekends and gave me an excuse/reason to go on more dog walks or go wandering round town, and this was all with friends who without this app I wouldn’t have seen. I would have spent the weekend alone doing not much. But instead I caught little cute pokemon and I’m counting it as a win of 2016.

Passed my driving test:

First time! And bought a car! Which makes me feel like so much of an adult haha. Since I was little I always thought there was something very adult like about having your own set of car keys, and then they go and give someone like me some, which proves just how wrong I was! But it’s nice to have the independence. I haven’t been anyway really exciting yet, but its much easier going to work or running errands, and it takes the pressure off my mam being the only driver in the house.

Got a dog:

My first little pooch passed away a couple of years ago, and it’s taken us up till now to think about getting a new one (mainly because I went to Australia for a year and forbade my mam to get one while I was away.)  We got a rescue who had been given up at the age of 8, and poor thing, she has definitely been abused. She’s terrified of everyone, and legs, and we think she’s definitely been kicked, and she’s just a little angel, it’s devastating to think someone could treat her, or any animal like that. We’ve had some behavioural issues but she’s definitely much happier and more settled, and I think she’s finally coming round to the idea that she’s here to stay, that we’re not going to give her up.

Reconnected with old friends:

Last year, my anxiety made it hard for me to go out and socialise. As well as making new friends at work, I also made more of an effort to meet up with old friends I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a while. This is something I plan to work harder on this year.

Hope you all managed to some highlights of 2016 along with all the rubbish that happened! Tomorrows post will be about some more general positives.




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